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Symone Salib

Artist Statement

This is mural is of poet Quinn Rodriguez who is a 26 year old nonbinary poet from the suburbs of South Jersey. They have been writing for as long as they can remember. Poetry has always been a source of healing and personal growth for Quinn. Their work has been progressing, whether that be online or through local poetry readings at local bars and art galleries. This process has aligned with their forever journey in understanding their authentic self. The poem “The Summer of Self Reflection” part of which can be found in the background of the mural, is just a glimpse into a lifelong fight into discovering your most honest self.


Artist Bio

Symone Salib is a Cuban/Egyptian portrait painter and street artist based out of Philadelphia. Through acrylic paint and illustration she works to highlight the lives of people, with a emphasis on people of color. She focuses on vibrantly sharing the stories of people in hopes we can connect and resonate with humans who are different from ourselves. She strives to create a space where people are not only seen but heard.



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