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Nicole Nikolich

Artist Statement

I created this piece to focus on normalizing mental health, specifically seasonal depression. Instead of attempting to run away from the impending depressive doom I face in the darker months, learning to embrace and mold with my depression has proven to be a helpful way for me to prevent destructive tendencies and to rewrite my own story. Depression used to be a force that knocked me down hard, but with each year I am learning what my depression looks and feels like. I now slow dance with depression, no longer letting it lead, but acknowledging its presence and guiding it along. Through color and repetition, this work explores how crocheting has become my meditative practice that helps me overcome my internal depressive battles.


Artist Bio

Nicole Nikolich, also known as Lace In The Moon, is a 27 year old queer crochet artist based out of Philadelphia. Nicole moved to Philly after graduating in 2016 from Virginia Commonwealth University and receiving her BFA. Nicole taught herself how to crochet in 2016 by watching YouTube tutorials, and ever since, she can be found with a hook and ball of yarn in hand. Nicole began by yarn bombing the streets around her neighborhood, and has since become a recognized street and installation artist, collaborating and working with other local artists, businesses, nonprofits, and schools. Nicole’s work highlights women’s equality, mental health awareness, LGBT rights, and pop culture. Nicole’s most recent accomplishments include being nominated for the RAD Girl 2019 “Artist of the Year Award,” creating an installation for the Philadelphia International Airport, and traveling to Trivento, Italy to be a part of National Yarn Bombing Day 2019. Nicole has been featured in a number publications and blogs, including Newsweek, The Philadelphia Inquirer,, and





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