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Marian Bailey

Artist Statement

Self-assured is a bold declaration of confidence. This self-portrait aims to reject the years of being made to feel less than and overlooked. It’s big, colorful, and present, which are all pieces of me that I was afraid to fully be. The striking pose, casual smirk, and twinkle of the eyes says everything that I was previously too meek to utter. I’m here to be taken seriously and to be seen. This piece is for all of people who have felt the need to shrink themselves in order to get by. It’s for the people that have felt undesirable, disregarded, and forgotten. This piece is for the people that have been made to feel vain and shallow. Loving yourself is a radical act. Allowing yourself to fully be whomever you want to be is a radical act. Being present enough to want to capture your current state should not be discouraged or frowned upon. So take a selfie, or ten, and walk in your truth.


Artist Bio

Marian Bailey is a self-taught visual artist located in Philadelphia, PA. Currently, she creates a variety of bold colorful illustrations that capture a range of ideas and feelings. Her artistic background, however, is in acrylic portraiture. She primarily focuses on highlighting the beauty of blackness with a hyper focus on dark skin women. Marian aims to offset the anti-black narratives that permeate society. Too often, we’re assaulted with negative ideas of what it means to be black and so many people lack the ability to differentiate between what they see through media versus what is real life. Marian is actively working to call out that issue and give positive examples of black representation. Marian has participated in a variety of art shows and has illustrations that have been published in multiple art magazines, such as Caldera Magazine, The Bridge Magazine, and Call and Response Journal.



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