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Long story short, we got tired of the old narrative of the entertainment industry. You know — the one where creatives believed they had to move to New York or LA in hopes of getting “put on”. The one where those same talented people left the business side of creativity in hands of people that didn’t care about their well-being, and forced them to make creative sacrifices all along the way, and left them overworked and underpaid in the end.

We knew there was another way.

Our new story of the creative economy is one that is based on three principles:

  1. Direct-to-consumer Entrepreneurship
  2. Resource Sharing
  3. Safe Spaces for Creatives

We know that there aren’t many places designed for us creatives to exist, with access to each other and the tools we need. We know that the internet has brought us to a place where we no longer need to depend on gatekeepers to help us distribute & monetize our art. We also know that resource sharing has disrupted many great industries by simply enabling communication & collaboration between people– and the entertainment industry won’t be any different. The power structure of the music industry is slowly crumbling and we’re positioning ourselves and the creatives we serve for the future.

In the future, independent creatives will cut out the middle men to collaborate with each other freely, helping each other to build, engage & monetize the audiences we love and love us back.

We believe that creatives should create and own their future and we’re doing our part to facilitate this revolution.

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