100,000 reasons to go for it

Fashion District—from tenancy to community programming—has been developed for the city of Philadelphia, and a local outreach program is a key foundation to the overall vision of the project.

As a trusted community partner, the District is committing $100,000 to Philadelphia-based philanthropy programs over the next three years. This charitable initiative will help foster civic and corporate engagement in the community by partnering with organizations in four key segments: Style, Dining, Arts and Culture, and Entertainment. In addition, various outreach initiatives and programming will take place to ignite positive change within the Philadelphia community.

The four inaugural partners selected as part of the community programming initiative include:


Career Wardrobe

Career Wardrobe works closely with nonprofits and government agencies throughout Philadelphia to provide clothing and professional development opportunities to empower unemployed individuals to transition into the workforce. Career Wardrobe will use Fashion District’s location to further promote their mission and operate clothing and accessory drives during select times throughout the year. 

The Food Trust

The Food Trust offers access to affordable, nutritious food and information to encourage everyone to make healthy choices. The organization strives to improve food environments and teach nutrition education in schools, increase healthy offerings at corner stores, manage farmers markets in communities that lack access to affordable produce and enhance grocery store development in underserved communities. In addition to promoting their services, The Food Trust will set up pop-up farmers markets at Fashion District throughout the year. 

Mural Arts Philadelphia

Mural Arts Philadelphia is the nation’s largest public art program dedicated to the notion that art ignites change. For more than 35 years, the organization has brought together artists and communities to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives. Mural Arts collaborates on up to 100 art projects each year. As such, Mural Arts Philadelphia will bring Philadelphia-based art and artists into our space, as well as utilize the center as a starting-off point for select Mural Arts walking tours. 

Philadelphia Music Alliance for Youth

The Philadelphia Music Alliance for Youth (PMAY) brings organizations together in the Philadelphia region to provide music education, performance and enrichment opportunities to youth. Its members are dedicated to improving communities through the regular study of music. PMAY will utilize Fashion District’s space to highlight and promote Philadelphia’s young musicians through a series of scheduled performances.

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